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Song Singer Download Stats
Taare - Christmas Sam Sahotra Download 399
Tab Gati Meri Rooh A. Nayyar Download 792
Tadke Main Tainu Dhoondha Gopal Masih Download 1062
Tadke Main Tainu Dhoondha Gopal Masih Download 905
Tadke Mein Tenu Dundan Psalm-63 Rev. Dr. Savraj Masih Sidhu Download 505
Taj Kanton Ka - Lent Amanat Saaz Download 492
Tak Haal Nasri Da Istisna Sisters Download 1037
Tak_Haal_nasri_da - Ilyas_Premi_Sahotra.mp3 Ilyas Premi Sahotra Download 820
Takhat Zinda Khuda Da Naveed Bhatti Download 563
Takhat Zinda Khuda Da Mubashir Naveed Bhatti Download 534
Takht Yahova Da Rohini Samuel and Danial Masih Download 505
Tali Tali Pastor Shauqat Fazal Download 931
Talian Bjao Umto Bennet Shahzad Download 992
Taliyaan Bajaa Ke - Francis Feroze.mp3 Pastor Francis Feroz Download 654
Taliyan Bajao Umato - Download 935
Tamaam hua - Lent Daim Gill Download 460
Tamam Huwa - It is Finished Tariq Amanat Download 801
TAN MAN AUR DHAN - Download 801
Tan Mein Kowat Nahi Asher Javed Mattoo Download 644
Tanu Dunia Karey Slam Hammad Baily Download 884
TARA - Christmas Shamey Hans Download 479
Tara Chamkya Tehmina Tariq & Maqsood Nazar Download 849
Tara Kitna Payara Choir Download 640
Tara Pak Rooh Yousafat Anjum Download 806
Tarana Peter Sidhu Download 383
Taras Na Aya - Lent Sadaf Samuel Download 402
TaRay De Lashkare - Christmas Khuram Obaid Download 728
Tare De Lashkare Ne Aamir Gill Download 967
Tare Lahoo k Wasile Arslan John Download 225
Tare Lahoo Ki Baard Waqar Bhatti Download 751
Tareef Itni Kareen Ernest Mall Download 785
Tareef Karo - Download 805
Tareef Yahowa Ki The Church of Signs and Wonders Download 586
Tari Zarorat Ha Mujay Zarorat Ha Arif Rogers Bhatti Download 421
Tarif Ho Khuda Kay Baray Ki - Download 896
Tarkay - Zaboor - Psalm 63 Hallelujah The Band Download 818
Tarkay Mein Tenu Nasir Taj Download 850
Tarke Mein Teinu Dhoonda - Zaboor 63 Ernest Mall Download 1142
Tarke Mein Teinu Dhoonda - ZABOOR 63 ARSLAN JOHN Download 68
Taron Ki Roshini Mein - Christmas Abid Rogers Bhatti Download 1018
Tarpta Hai Soli Pay - Download 885
Tarti Tay Phaira Pon Lai Yasu Di Kachahri - Download 862
Taskeen Ki Baat Kafi Nahi Ernest Mall Download 504
Tauba Karle Putar Khuda De Download 714
Tauba Karo Jamshaid Masih Download 393
Tauba Nahi Changi Bar Bar Di Shamey Hans Download 1181
Tauba Tusi Karlo loko Harbans Masih Download 856
Tauri Jey Jey Mahraaj Samsoon Samuail Download 756
Tawaqal Karoon Tuj Par Haroon Bhatti Download 517
Tay Kun Na Fir Shahid Chaman Download 763


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