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Song Singer Download Stats
Fajar da Bowa Ghulam Abbas Download 422
Fajar De Velay M. Ali Download 674
Falak Pe Ajab - Download 582
Falak Pe Roshan - Christmas Ijaz Qaiser Download 624
Falak Sa Awaz - Download 445
Farishta Yohova da Tumbo - Zaboor 34 David Augustine Download 597
Farishtay Ga Rehey - Christmas Abid Rogers Bhatti Download 216
Farishtay Wee Karday A. Nayyar Download 633
Faryad Ernest Mall Download 578
Fasila Kar Lo Nasir Gill Download 490
Fassah Mil Ky Shagirdoun - Lent Rose Merry Download 177
Fatah Dey Ashbeel Shad - Naila Ashbeel - Shomail Majeed - Kamran Yousaf - Sadaf Samuel Download 60
Fatah hai Yesu se Attique Khokhar Download 541
Fatah Hi Fatah Mehwish Mushtaq Download 205
Fateh hamey banata hai Rub A. Nayyar Download 201
FATEH PA LAI Hardeep Randhawa Download 607
Father's Love Letter - Download 392
Fazal Kr Evg Amir Riaz Download 31
Fazal nal aiy Rab - Download 629
Fazal Nal Aye Rab Arif Akhtar Download 988
Fizayein Zard Zard Hain A. Nayyar Download 508
Fouj Duttan Di Sardool Malook Walia Download 459

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