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Song Singer Download Stats
Jawaan bhala kis tarah - 2nd Part - Download 496
Je Yahowa na ghur - Zaboor 127 - Download 886
Jadoon teinu pukaran - Zaboor 4 - Download 533
Iko wari dilon ho kay toba - Download 774
Ik din aoona Perveiz Chaman Download 837
I will worship you - Download 843
I love you Jesus Pervaiz Shan Download 837
Hamad Tere Yohua Khurram Ejaz Download 826
Hungama hunmaga hunmaga Ernest Mall Download 681
Har Pal Ka Wo Hi Hai Khuda - Download 759
Gee utha - Download 740
Mano Baksh Pak M. Ali Download 743
Geet tere naiyaan - Zaboor 101-2nd Part Raja Harrison Download 839
Fatah hai Yesu se Attique Khokhar Download 805
Geet apne Masiha ke gain - Download 711
Fazal nal aiy Rab - Download 857
Elishba di gawahi Ijaz Qaiser Download 762
Easter song - Download 815
Bhagan wala bhagan wala Ernest Mall Download 760
Dunia main aaya hai Yesu - Download 679
Dheeeray dheeray chalo - Download 710
Dekho to dekho to - Download 740
charagh hai mera pera lai Arshad Inayat Download 781
Chu mujhe chu pyare Yesu Ernest Mall Download 829
Bar bar baha Laho Yesu ka Ernest Mall Download 1189
Budrooho ab bhago Ernest Mall Download 771
Akhian Chukna Han Main on Flute - Download 1141
Akhyan Chukna Hain - Download 1142
Aiy Khudawand apna rah - Download 647
Aasman ka Khuda bulata hai Ernest Mall Download 948
Aiya hai aiya hai Rajon ka Raja Ernest Mall Download 817
Aiy Baap aasman pe tera Jalal hai Ernest Mall Download 872
Kitna haseen wada yeh Subhash Gill Download 748
Kitna meetha hai maa tera naam Ernest mall Download 830
Khudaya Teri Rooh Tu Ernest Mall Download 877
Yadien jab satayen Ernest Mall Download 870
Pak Ruh Hum Yesu Ke Ernest Mall Download 818
Tere mar khane se Yesu main ne shifa pai hai Ernest Mall Download 1229

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