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Song Singer Download Stats
Tu manzil se door para A. Nayyar Download 428
Chal chal chal saathi Yesu A. Nayyar Download 736
Kis kam ki ye daulat - Download 482
Khudawand Nu Udeekdi Reh Nazima Maqbool Download 866
Best Christian Worship Song Vijay Benedict Download 923
Downkha dea valeay - Zaboor 20 - Download 905
Rehmat Naal Hai Bharya - Zaboor (Pslam) 103 Kashif Chohan Download 735
Tarke Mein Teinu Dhoonda - Zaboor 63 Ernest Mall Download 875
Eaa Khudwand Maree Tu He Kar Rakhwali - Zaboor 16 Saleem Gill Download 971
Teri Najaat De Sauq De Wich - Zaboor (Psalm) 119 Kashif Chohan Download 593
Pani De Sotiya Di - Zaboor 42 Ghulam Ali Download 873
Rooh Pak Ki Sab Barkaten - Download 591
Sachi Baat Kahi Thi Maine Jagjit singh Download 791
Ibadat Karo Anil Kant Download 1079
Chhoo mujhe chhoo - Download 653
Chale hum khushiyan lekar - Download 631
Bolo jai - Download 485
Bijliyan chamkengi - Download 545
Bhoole aur bhatke they hum - Download 541
Meray Masiha (Female voice) - Download 480
Keval Jesus - Download 503
Jab main dekhon - Download 646
Gayain gay hum - Download 616
Aa Pavitar Aatma - Download 854
Yesu Tu Hi Tu - Download 437
Tuhi to hai haq aur tuhi rasta - Download 471
Meray Masiha - Download 496
Teri Ichha poori ho - Download 446
Aradhana ho aradhana - Download 546
Apno ko to is duniya me - Download 553
Apni shanti tumhe deta hoon - Download 515
Aaye hei hum - Download 557
Aye hamaray baap - Download 540
Meray Sir Mein - Download 505
Yesu Ne Zindagi Di Mujhe Subhash Gill Download 492
Yahowa Yahowa Yahowa Ernest & Subhash Download 683
Tere Laho se paap dhota hun - 2 Ernest & Subhash Download 596
Tere Laho se paap dhota hun - 1 Ernest & Subhash Download 591
Sundar mera Yesu sundar hai Subhash Gill Download 533
Mera Yesu Yesu Subhash Gill Download 585
Mera Yesu Yesu Ernest Mall Download 551
Jee utha Yesu Subhash Gill Download 619
Bhej abar Rooh ka Subhash Gill Download 561
Dunia ki bheer main Subhash Gill Download 563
Pak Rooh Yahawa da Pak Roh Masiha da Ernest Mall Download 650
Paharon pay hastay hain Ernest Mall Download 673
Jalal milay tujhe Yesu Ernest Mall Download 580
Hawa chay ud jana aiy Ernest Mall Download 641
Chaliay Yesu de kol Ernest Mall Download 748
Yesu Mera Dum Dum Dum Ernest Mall Download 456
Teri hazuri ka badal zor se barse Ernest Mall Download 602
Tera mera pyar hai kitna suhana Ernest Mall Download 646
Jaise chahta hai mujhe tu Masiha Ernest Mall Download 574

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