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Song Singer Download Stats
Apni shanti tumhe deta hoon - Download 437
Aaye hei hum - Download 515
Aye hamaray baap - Download 495
Meray Sir Mein - Download 463
Yesu Ne Zindagi Di Mujhe Subhash Gill Download 455
Yahowa Yahowa Yahowa Ernest & Subhash Download 611
Tere Laho se paap dhota hun - 2 Ernest & Subhash Download 560
Tere Laho se paap dhota hun - 1 Ernest & Subhash Download 554
Sundar mera Yesu sundar hai Subhash Gill Download 483
Mera Yesu Yesu Subhash Gill Download 520
Mera Yesu Yesu Ernest Mall Download 490
Jee utha Yesu Subhash Gill Download 571
Bhej abar Rooh ka Subhash Gill Download 526
Dunia ki bheer main Subhash Gill Download 528
Pak Rooh Yahawa da Pak Roh Masiha da Ernest Mall Download 609
Paharon pay hastay hain Ernest Mall Download 586
Jalal milay tujhe Yesu Ernest Mall Download 535
Hawa chay ud jana aiy Ernest Mall Download 606
Chaliay Yesu de kol Ernest Mall Download 640
Yesu Mera Dum Dum Dum Ernest Mall Download 396
Teri hazuri ka badal zor se barse Ernest Mall Download 566
Tera mera pyar hai kitna suhana Ernest Mall Download 596
Jaise chahta hai mujhe tu Masiha Ernest Mall Download 537
Yesu Ke Naam Mein Hum Fatah Patey hain - Download 411
Zidagi forever Anil Kant Download 554
Yesu Ke Naam Main shifa hai Anil Kant Download 484
Us Nay Najat Di Hai Anil Kant Download 626
Bolo jai Yesu ki Anil Kant Download 587
Us Nay Mujhe Bheja Hai Anil Kant Download 634
Rooh-e-Khuda Ka Pyar Mila Hai Anil Kant Download 609
Mubarak hai jis ke ghuna dhul gaiy Anil Kant Download 526
Koi Nahi Hai Acha Nahi Aik Bhi Nahi Anil Kant Download 506
Khuda se mango milay ga Anil Kant Download 619
Aiy hamaray Baap tu jo aasman pay hai Anil Kant Download 678
Aasman Pay Nazar Aiy Ter Jalal Anil Kant Download 812
Sing unto the Lord Anil Kant Download 535
Meri Rooh Khuda ki Pyasi hai Anil Kant Download 657
Jalal Mere Yesu Da Majeed Masih Download 477
Sada Tikar Hai Rehmat - Download 634
Rahay ga naam sada tikar - Download 542
Rab Sach Much Us Di - Download 685
Qaidi Sahuni Yahawa ne layande - Download 565
Meharban meharban - Download 486
Main Khush Hoya Jad Menu - Download 865
Main Gal Khuda Di Sunan Ga Pervaiz Shan Download 806
Karo Rab di hun Wadyai - Download 573
Aasman bayan karde - Download 1098
Aao ik nawan geet - Download 647
Zandaghi To Tere Pass Hai SUBHASH GILL Download 477
Yahowa Yahowa Yahowa Subhash Gill Download 583
Tere lahoo se paap Subhash Gill Download 531
Tere Kalam Ki Tapash Se Subhash Gill Download 445
Mera Yesu Zinda Hua Hai Subhash Gill Download 579

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